Does your dog have itching, limp bowel movements & a dull coat?

Does your dog itch a lot? Is the Apoquel not helping? Or does your dog have a lot of hair loss and a dull coat? Have you already tried everything? Yet I think I have the solution for you. Read all about it in this article!

Your dog, your best friend with whom you share everything. It hurts so much when you see him scratching again and again. After the umpteenth visit to the vet, it has hardly improved. Hundreds of euros on Apoquel or other medicines and still no solution. Cleaning up the many hairs every day.

This is unfortunately a situation many of you probably recognise?

Every day I come into contact with people with similar stories and complaints. These are at their wit’s end and want nothing but a happy and healthy life for their dog. The first question I then ask: “can you tell me what food you are feeding correctly?”

Why is 100% natural, grain-free and hypoallergenic dog food so important?

Because everything starts from the inside. So as long as the dog’s immune system is not in order, then no improvement can be seen on the outside. So what you do now, you take your current dog food and look on the back of the bag. This is where you will see the composition. Do you find any grains in there? Corn, wheat, rice, … ? Then we may already have found the first cause.

Why is grain-free food better than regular dog food? Dogs cannot digest grains completely and with difficulty. This is because they have one less enzyme in their saliva that we humans do, amylase. This takes care of breaking down the starch in these grains. Besides, the stomach and intestines are designed to digest meat, grains are not in a dog’s natural diet. Grains can therefore cause internal problems that disrupt the immune system. This is then reflected on the outside in the form of itching, red spots, hair loss, loose stools, … . So dogs do not need grains! The most important thing is good quality meat. So no flour, waste or by-products either.

So why are these used so much in dog food? Simple, they are much cheaper than meat. Now compare the price of 1kg of rice or corn in the supermarket with the price of 1kg of salmon or lamb yourself.

People sometimes think 70€ for a 12kg bag of really good, natural and healthy dog food is a lot of money, take Dibaq Sense Grain Free Salmon 12kg, this contains as much as 67% real, pure meat approved for human consumption, so no waste or by-products. If you then look at other brands, you very often read in the composition first wheat, maize or other grains (a composition of food should always start with what it contains the most and then go down that way) and then 25% chicken meal (which is therefore the entire chicken in the oven, including legs, neck, …), if you then pay 40€ or 50€ for a large bag here, I find this rather expensive for a food that consists of 70% grain. It’s just how you look at it, of course. Because in the long run, the chances are higher here that you will have to go to the vet more often and faster.

So that’s why it’s so important to start with really healthy food as early as possible and not wait until problems appear, because prevention is always better than cure and also much easier and cheaper. So tackle the cause and not treat the symptoms!

Sfeerbeeld YDOLO | Echt gezonde voeding, snacks & supplementen voor honden & katten

But what about atopy then?

This too starts from within! As long as the immune system is not in order, then this will also be very difficult to control. When a dog does not feel well and is not at peak health, he will also start reacting much faster and harder to everything from the environment. When this is fine, however, the dog is much stronger and the dog’s own defence system can deal with this much better.

Hypoallergenic dog food? Holistic dog food?

Hypoallergenic and holistic dog food, what does that mean? Hypoallergenic means that the ingredients have been chosen in such a way that they would certainly not trigger allergic reactions, unfortunately the term is too often used today for foods that, in my opinion, are not always so. So it is and always will be important to look at the composition of the food and check that it definitely does not contain any grains, soy or egg products. In addition, it is also important to check if it says “Lamb” on the packaging, for example, that it does not contain beef or chicken or other animal protein sources.

After all, beef and chicken are the 2 most common allergies in dogs. Very important to know is that an allergy almost always affects proteins. So a dog with chicken allergy is allergic to chicken proteins, a dog with beef allergy is allergic to beef proteins. Why is this so important to know? Namely because a dog with chicken allergy is therefore not going to react to chicken oil or chicken fat, because this is 100% and there are no proteins/proteins in these.

There is still a chance that they will react to the so-called “hydrolysed chicken proteins”. These proteins are indeed cut up in such a way that the body would no longer recognise them, but things can still go wrong here, so it is best to exclude these if your dog is allergic to that particular type of protein.

Holistic means looking at the whole, in this case, what effect does the recipe have on both the dog’s physical and mental well-being. Not just what are the good properties of duck meat, salmon, rosemary, … . But what is the effect of the recipe on the well-being of our best friend. Following this principle, Dibaq Senses recipes were tested and improved until they delivered the best possible results.

How is this the solution to itching and other problems?

So by switching to really healthy foods like Dibaq Sense Lamb or Dibaq Sense Salmon, you will start to reset your dog’s immune system, so to speak. No more hard-to-digest grains! Nor over-processed flour! But pure, healthy meat, vegetables, fruit and natural antioxidants! This does take some time, about 3 months or so, which is the period the body also needs to completely work the old food out of the body. This can’t work wonders in a few days/weeks though. So you have to be realistic and give this its time.

If you are really dealing with these problems, I would test with the lamb or salmon version, there is no beef or chicken protein in these. It’s important that if you switch, you do it gradually because the stomach and intestines will have to adjust tremendously to this food. This is steamed at low temperature, works with lots of fresh and pure ingredients that still retain a lot of their nutrients. Therefore, the intestines have to work more again to get them all out and so become more active again.

In the beginning, you will notice that your dog drinks more, this is to help get all these nutrients out. It is also possible that he will have to go to the toilet a bit more during the first few months, but this will stabilise once the stomach and intestines get used to it again.

Sfeerbeeld YDOLO | Echt gezonde voeding, snacks & supplementen voor honden & katten

So what snacks can I give during this process?

Here I would then recommend the Nature Snacks “Emsländer” with duck or lamb. These are also 100% natural, without grains, gluten, soya and dairy products. 96% pure meat, quietly air-dried. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. You can’t find anything more pure than this.

With this article, we hope to help even more dogs just like the many others with the same problems we have already been able to help. More information about the brand and what this partner stands for can be found here! Or you can always reachus through this way too .

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