Done with kilos of waste

HUSKALOO is the first compact & Eco-Friendly cat litter

  • 90x more compact than clay cat litter
  • 90x less heavy
  • 100% natural
  • Fresh & odourless
  • Dust-free

Save the planet - one cat at a time

Huskaloo, the future of cat litter

Huskaloo is a pressed stone made from dehydrated coconut husk. This is a natural by-product of coconuts that would otherwise just be thrown away. 90% smaller and lighter than clay cat litter, Huskaloo is also cheaper and greener to store and transport. 1 box is the size of a box of cereal, contains 8 “stones” , enough supply for 2 months for 1 cat. Coconut husk is improbably absorbent, naturally hypoallergenic and naturally resistant to bacteria. Contains no dust and is much softer on the paws. Huskaloo is compostable and biodegradable. The entire packaging is recyclable. Nothing has to go to the landfill. So it’s lighter, greener, cheaper and more absorbent.

How to introduce?

Important! Read this before use

Your cat’s well-being is most important and changing cat litter to a new, different type can be confusing for them.

Your cat associates a certain texture on their paws with the action of going to the toilet. They have been trained to use the litter box that way. A change in their regular cat litter can cause them to become stressed and confused and lead to them relieving themselves in the wrong place. And no one wants that!

Mix it up!

Add Huskaloo to your existing brand over several days. Start by adding a quarter bin of Huskaloo to your old litter and make the mix more Huskaloo-heavy every day until you are 100% Huskaloo. With each passing day, your litter box will become more Huskaloo than your old brand and your cat will become familiar with that softer, more natural feel under his paws. We recommend doing this for more than a week – but every cat is different. Some can adjust immediately, while others may take longer.


Hoe te gebruiken?

This is how it lasts

You put 1 or 2 “stones” in the tank. Over each one you spread 20ml of very hot water and wait 30 sec. This will loosen it a little and you can spread it around the tank more easily.

how to maintain?

Cats normally choose their spot in the bin. That is why it is important that when you scoop out the droppings, you should swirl the fibres around in the tray. That way, you mix the already saturated fibres with the unsaturated fibres and the absorption capacity remains very high and the litter tray will last a long time. Pee and odour are thus optimally neutralised.


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