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Dibaq Sense – The Healthiest Grain Free Dog Food & Cat Food

Dibaq Sense Grain Free is by far the healthiest grain-free dog food and cat food!

Fresh meat, fish, vegetables & fruit, approved for human consumption, 100% natural, hypoallergenic & grain-free!

“Health starts with healthy nutrition and that starts with quality ingredients”

Casier Cas, founder YDOLO

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Lots of fresh meat supplemented with dehydrated meat

Fresh meat is the most nutritious, most easily digested and best absorbed by the body. So this is also the healthiest. So why add dehydrated meat? Fresh meat consists of 2/3 water, so only 1/3 remains after the cooking process.

Because high-quality animal proteins are the most important thing for your four-legged friend, you should always supplement fresh meat with dehydrated meat. Here, the percentage remains the same after preparation 1/1. Percentages on packaging are always before preparation.

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100% Natural + Steamed at low temperature + Fresh ingredients suitable for human consumption in our grain-free cat and dog food

We only work with 100% natural ingredients. The fresh meat, fresh vegetables and fresh fruit in our grain-free cat and dog food are declared fit for human consumption, so we work with muscle meat. The exclusive recipe is steamed at a low temperature to preserve the maximum of nutrients, vitamins & minerals. This makes this not only a super healthy food but also a hugely delicious one that is very palatable to even the hardest eaters.

Grain-free dog food & grain-free cat food

Grains are not part of a dog’s natural diet. A dog’s stomach is naturally very acidic to easily digest meat and also to kill as many bad bacteria as possible. If a dog is fed grains(corn, wheat, rice, … ) a lot and for a long time, it becomes less acidic. Thus, many more bacteria can survive and digestion is slowed down. This often leads to problems such as limp bowel movements, itching, a dull or rough coat, lots of hair loss, red spots, being overweight or underweight. In addition, these also contain many anti-nutrients. These are substances that hinder the absorption of nutrients.

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Extra care for coat & joints

1. Prebiotic herbs

Rosemary, thyme & oregano are natural antioxidants that help detoxify the body and clean up the dirty substances. These strengthen the immune system making the dog less likely to get sick.

2. At least 500mg chondriotine & 500mg glucosamine

One counteracts the breakdown of cartilage, while the other stimulates its production. This ensures supple and strong joints. in our light & senior there is even up to 750mg of each .

3. Cold added salmon oil

So all the essential omega 3 & 6 fatty acids are optimally preserved. This ensures a radiant, healthy and soft coat. It also contributes to good brain functionand reduces the risk of skin irritations.


Truly Hypoallergenic + firm bowel movements

Grain-free & gluten-free, without Soy (GMO), without dairy products (egg), HFC. Moreover, there are no chicken or beef proteins in the Dibaq Sense Lamb and our Dibaq Sense Salmon. In addition, all ingredients are carefully selected to definitely not trigger allergic reactions. The chicory root (inulin Fos) & yeast (Mos) support the good bacteria in the intestines. These also stimulate the immune system of the gastrointestinal tract for nice firm stools.


More supplements in grain-free cat food

1. Cranberry & Citrus extract

These are packed with antioxidants that support the kidneys and reduce the risk of urinary tract infections as well as helping to prevent inflammation .

2. Taurine

This is essential for cats as they cannot synthesise it themselves unlike dogs

3. Dental Complex

To supportmouth and dental hygiene, we add nettle and ginger. These are natural remedies with antibacterial action against plaque and bad breath


Are you also curious?

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Why choose Dibaq SENSE Grain-free dog food or cat food?

Just compare the below with the composition of your current dog food and notice the difference!

  • Lots of fresh meat 33% to 47% supplemented with dehydrated meat so it has lots of animal protein. (The most important nutrients for a dog).
  • Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables ( fibres important for feeding the healthy bacteria in the intestines)
  • At least 55% to 75% pure, real meat (not including oil or fat). No waste, by-products or nicely disguised descriptions.
  • Chondriotine & Glucosamine(at least 500mg of each per recipe)(750mg in the light & senior), for healthy & supple joints.
  • Salmon oil (Omega 3 & 6) for healthy skin & coat, good brain function & a strengthened immune system. (With a perfect ratio of 1/4 – omega 3/Omega 6)
  • Prebiotic herbs with natural antioxidants, these strengthen the immune system.
  • Inulin FOS & MOS stimulate the good bacteria in the intestines & thus help the most sensitive digestive system achieve good, firm stools.
  • Yucca suppresses the smell of stools & farts. No more smelly farts
  • No grains, gluten, wheat, corn, soy or egg which helps prevent allergies & skin conditions (itching, rashes …).
  • All fresh ingredients declared fit for human consumption & 100% natural.
  • Wet food with at least 73% fresh meat, vegetables & fruits, chondriotine & glucosamine, prebiotic herbs.
  • An ideal calcium/phosphorus ratio.
  • Puppy, Adult, Adult Mini, Light & Senior version
  • Duck & Turkey (Light & Senior), Salmon & Turkey (Puppy), Chicken & Duck, Salmon & Herring, Lamb (mono protein)
  • The diet version (Light & Senior) has barely 9% fat & contains L-carnitine, which ensures a super healthy cardiovascular system and increased fat burning.

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