A philosophy based on love & quality

At Ydolo, only quality ingredients & raw materials count

Why should we skimp on quality for our favourite four-legged friends when not a day goes by without them showing their love and loyalty for us? Too often we are seduced by the aesthetic, the fun content of a product, forgetting what really counts: quality ingredients and raw materials.

Your dog & cat only live once

We make your dog or cat the happiest animal in the world

Just as our best friend floods us with love and happiness and manages to put a smile on our face every time, we want to make him or her the happiest in the world. Starting from our unconditional love for our four-legged friend, we went in search of the best of the best for you .

Today, you will find this in our grain-free range of holistic and hypoallergenic food, pure meat snacks, 100% natural biscuits, shampoos with wild herbs, which focus on the health and well-being of your dog & cat. YDOLO: Your Dog & Cat Only Live Once, so let’s work together to make that life the very best!

Nature’s quality for dogs & cats

Not only quality, but also honesty & naturalness are at the heart of our offering

We ourselves strive to live a healthy and sustainable life together with our family. But tell us, isn’t our best friend just as much a part of that family? Purity, quality, naturalness, that is precisely what we at YDOLO attach so much importance to.

We work exclusively with pure, genuine ingredients. No artificial colours or flavourings. So you no longer have to read the small print yourself, we already did that for you, an honest and clear label so you really know what’s in it. Our brands are also distinguished from others by their focus on sustainability and fair production. Because just as we love our best friend, we love nature!


We’re not just any brand

Ydolo is not just a fire, it is a way of life

YDOLO is so much more than a brand, it is a way of life. We believe your dog’ s mental wellbeing is as important as his physical health, and that shows in our products.

Whether it’s our high-quality dog food and snacks or our vegan shampoos, every product starts from one central premise: the unconditional love of an owner for his or her faithful four-legged friend.


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